Alumna, Thenjiwe returned to Imagine Scholar to take a full-time staff role as Associate Program Director in January 2020. She represented Imagine Scholar at the recent HALIAccessNetwork Indaba – a meeting of education thought leaders and pioneers from across the African continent!

Here is what stood out to her most from her experience:

“One really important thing I learned listening to the different speakers talk about admissions (to schools and scholarships) was that they do not just consider the individual’s academics but they look at the human side of the person as well. How the person experiences the world outside of themselves – are they able to be a part of others’ lives?

The Indaba challenged me to think about what the application process might look like without academics. If we are working to create the next generation of world leaders, then maybe we should spend more time and effort building character and passions than academic understanding (which is also important but should not be our only focus).”

Thenjiwe is the future of Imagine Scholar.