Our Programs

“The universal truth that is beyond question- the only people who excel are those who have decided to do so. Great doctors, or speakers, or skiers, or writers, or musicians are great because somewhere along the way, they made that choice.”

– Seth Godin (Stop Stealing Dreams)

Intensive On-Campus Programs: Our Navigator program brings students (grades 8-12) on-campus for 26+ hours of weekly after-school development around topics such as critical thinking, executive planning, entrepreneurship, empathetic communication, and more. This is the core of our future leadership development engine.  

Challenger Outreach Program: This high-impact outreach program is implemented at various local secondary schools within the region, reaching approximately 3600 students (grades 8-12) in 2023. This is our main outreach program that serves as a net to locate future Navigator students. This is also the first step in scaling what we have achieved on our campus to the wider community. 

Legacy Program: This program supports Imagine Scholars post-secondary-school (age 18-30). This includes university, early careers, and supporting the creation of entrepreneurial ventures. Our core aims in the Legacy program are for young people (1) to truly thrive professionally, socially, and personally and (2) to build a self-sustaining network of deep social impact.