Imagine Scholar is transforming how students approach a fulfilling life - defining success from the inside out versus outside in - creating community changemakers who inspire the next generation

Students don’t come to Imagine Scholar, they are Imagine Scholar. 

Our program aims at creating great 30 year olds not just great 16 year olds

Keeping the end in mind, we teach durable skills that are relevant for real life including planning, digital communication, empathetic problem solving, and collaboration.

We’re not focused on academics or the matric exam

Instead we put our energy into building a toolkit of meta-learning skills that allow students to effectively navigate any learning process. 

Our long term mission is impact

The lives we change locally in South Africa demonstrate a new educational model—an innovative, replicable, and high-impact solution—that has the potential to enable youth at the global level to succeed in the modern world.

Impact report 2021 Cover image

Discover our impact


Imagine Scholar has made great strides in our 12-years of supporting young leaders. Our students have studied all around the world, have earned millions of dollars in university scholarships, and have launched numerous community-action projects. Most importantly, they’ve grown up to be kind and interesting people that make their communities more vibrant. Read our 2021 Impact Report to discover the metrics that illustrate our success, as well as to learn a bit more about the mindsets that make us special.