For too long, students in South Africa and across the globe have been told the same limiting story: that success is determined by external factors, and that it’s out of reach for some and not others. 

We believe differently: that the ingredients of success exist in every young person and that they have the power to define what success looks like for themselves.

Our work is dedicated to helping young people unlock this infinite capacity and open the door to the rest of their lives on their terms.

Imagine Scholar transforms how students approach a fulfilling life—defining success from the inside out versus outside-in—creating community changemakers who inspire the next generation.

Youth don’t come to Imagine Scholar, they are Imagine Scholar. 

Practiced gratitude

We begin every session by sharing three pieces of gratitude. Positivity is a superpower!

We aim to create great 30 year olds

Keeping the end in mind, we teach durable skills that are relevant to real life including planning, digital communication, empathetic problem-solving, and collaboration.

Dream big

Imagine Scholar youth are pushed to have audacious goals, which has allowed them to accomplish more than anyone thought was possible

Not academic or matric-exam focused

Instead, we put our energy into building a toolkit of meta-learning skills that allow students to effectively navigate any learning process.

Feedback culture

Imagine Scholars and staff alike receive and give sincere and direct feedback after every session.

Challenges are opportunities mindset

A key mindset we emphasize so our scholars seek out and look forward to setbacks as opportunities to grow.

Creative confidence

We inspire Imagine Scholars to see the malleability of the world around them through the art of question asking and idea generation. 

Our long-term mission is impact

Our success will not be measured by university diplomas or employment but by ethical and impactful leaders making true societal change.