SamK at YYGS

Imagine Scholar, Samkelisiwe, attends the Yale Young Global Scholars program in the USA

My name is Samkelisiwe Chissano. I am 17 years old and I am currently in grade 11. Last month, I got the opportunity to attend the Yale program which was in New Haven, USA at the Yale university through Imagine Scholar.

Yale Young Global Scholars


Yale Young Global Scholars is a two-week long summer program which began on the 8th to the 21st of July. The main idea is to bring together youths from all over the world to inspire and motivate them in the world of science.

The program sparks a light in every young person who attends so that by the time they leave, they have an idea of how to change the world and make it into a better place for us all.

Getting Connected


The Yale program is a great opportunity to get connected to people. Meeting with different people helped me gain perspective on what the rest of the world is like, and to acquire new knowledge. My experience at YYGS has taught me how important it is for us to stay updated with world news and always know what is happening around us.

I have learned a great deal of other things, but most importantly is that even after all that I have seen and learned about the medical field, I still want to be a pediatrician more than anything. I am really grateful to have gotten an experience that has exposed me to so much of the outside world.

Considering an International Education


Scholars studying

Imagine Scholars work hard to keep international university options open

Attending the Yale Young Global Scholars program has also led me to consider applying to Yale University, and other international universities in the future.

Knowing what is expected of me in order to get into Yale has been helpful since I have always wanted to study abroad, but did not really know much about the universities that are available.

Paying it Forward


I will be able to use that knowledge I acquired at YYGS to help others who want to apply to the program. Not only that, but I will also let them know what is needed if a student wants to actually study at Yale.

This opportunity has not only helped me, but has helped open doors to other Imagine Scholar students who want to apply, including peers who did not believe that rural kids like us could do great things.

All they need to do is look at what I have managed to achieve and know that if I can do it, then so can they.

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