Liv Austen

We are excited to welcome musician and actress, Liv Austen, as our new Ambassador!

Imagine scholar is thrilled to announce a new partnership with UK-based singer, songwriter, and actress, Liv Austen.

Meet Liv Austen

Music came to Liv at a young age, but quickly grew into a fully-fledged career after she gained recognition for her melodic, story-centric songs in London’s music scene. What started as playing small venues turned into launching her first two EP’s, “Workin’ Man’s Dream” and “Who I am Today”, and entertaining audiences throughout the UK’s festival scene!

“Thanks to my parents, music was always present. In our home, in our car, at every event, big or small. My goal is to be a part of somebody else’s everyday life now.”

Presently, Liv Austen is working on a variety of exciting projects as an artist. In addition to working on her newest album, she also writes for other artists while balancing her secondary career as an actress!

Connecting the dots

Artistic expression

The Scholars try their hand at leather work!

From poetry to dress making, and leatherwork to turning plastic bottles into sculptures, we believe in the intrinsic power of the arts! As an organization we couldn’t be more thrilled to find an artist whose passion for creativity is as energized as ours!

“Art helps us explore the parts of us that make us interesting as humans. It explores our insecurities and our triumphant moments and they make life worth living, in my opinion! Humans have been craving telling and hearing stories from the dawn of time. I believe learning how to express yourself through arts will teach you more about yourself than possibly any other discipline you are taught.”

Academic excellence is at the core of our program, however, we see artistic self-expression as an equally vital aspect to the development of young leaders. With the help of individuals like Liv, we will be able to reach new audiences who also believe in our multi-faceted mission.

Working together

“What makes me the most excited about Imagine Scholar is the attention to the individual. It is something I find incredibly important in order to move society forward, to encourage young people to follow their passions and maybe more importantly than anything; encourage them to identify their passion.”

Liv Austen on stage

Liv Austen on stage in London

Our congruent beliefs about celebrating individuality and embracing passion has led Imagine Scholar and Liv Austen to embark on a new journey, together! We couldn’t be happier to welcome Liv to the Imagine Scholar family as our newest Ambassador!

As an Imagine Scholar Ambassador, Liv will act as a mouthpiece for our organization by sharing our story with her audiences and at her live shows. She will also act as a mentor to students in our program.

A brief note from Liv

My favourite saying is “go where you’re celebrated – not where you’re tolerated”. We all deserve to be encouraged to pursue our passions and to develop our skills and our confidence – and Imagine Scholar does exactly that, they celebrate the individual and encourage them to keep going where they are celebrated. I am very eager to support an organisation that works for one of my core beliefs!

If you are a fan of Liv Austen, or share our purpose of igniting creative expression for youths who lack access to artistic resources, please support our initiative by making a donation, or investing in a Scholar:


Stay tuned

To keep up to date on the latest news regarding our partnership, follow Liv Austen and Imagine Scholar on Twitter!

You can also hear Liv’s latest tunes, and check out her upcoming show schedule by checking out her website and YouTube channel.