Our Alumni


You are always part of Imagine Scholar. What you learned in that building stays with you wherever you go, but more importantly the relationships never end. The family that you build will always be your family.

Thenjiwe, Class of 2014

Sustainability is at the heart of the Imagine Scholar model. By maintaining relationships with our alumni and creating opportunities for them to give back, we’re building a network of local leaders who continue to socially and economically transform their communities.


Our Alumni Interns gain work experience, develop advanced leadership skills and give back to their communities in a safe learning environment. With guidance and mentorship from our staff, they learn how to responsibly run Imagine Scholar in the future.


Especially for rural students, the leap to university can be a challenging one. Alumni can apply for funding to help assist with university expenses. Most importantly, they continue to receive academic and emotional support from our staff to ensure that they have the greatest chance to succeed in higher education.


Alumni serve as mentors and role models for those coming after them by maintaining communication, providing advice and returning to the education center to speak and tutor.


Once our alumni have secured employment, they commit to financially sponsoring another student through the program. Long-term, we aim to be fully funded through alumni contributions and local support.


Alumni will be hired to take over program management positions. After extensive hands-on training, they will facilitate classes, raise funds and manage day-to-day operations. We will become a locally sustained organization for youth, run by those who grew up in Nkomazi.