Solar Power Project

A lifelong interest in engineering and a passion for environmental protection has inspired Rodger to spearhead the installation of a solar power system at our education center in Nkomazi. Rodger’s Solar Power Project will leave a lasting impact on our school for years to come. We invite you get involved in the initiative.

Rodger’s Solar Power Project

“I aspire to become an engineer. Imagine Scholar has inspired me to use my skills and knowledge about electricity to help the environment. I have noticed that our education facilities utilize a good deal of electricity, and I believe we need to cut down on electricity usage and reduce Imagine Scholar’s carbon footprint. Therefore, I chose to design a solar power system.” -Rodger

Rodger has created an innovative solution to a widespread problem in our community: electricity is expensive and unreliable. Last year, he set out to solve this problem for Imagine Scholar by launching his Solar Power Project with the help of a local energy engineer!

Already, Rodger has completed the design of the system in addition to securing the donation of one of the most vital components of the system, a 2kw Victron Tie Grid inverter (valued at US $1,400). He currently needs to raise money to purchase the last remaining materials, which he has confirmed in minimum purchase amounts from a local supplier.



Energy savings:

  • The system will give out 2kw per hour
  • Imagine Scholar’s computers and other appliances that use a sum of 500 watts per hour will be off the grid
  • Total savings will be over 24kw per day

Monetary savings:

  • Imagine Scholar spends over US $2,000 per year on electricity
  • This project will save 75% of annual electricity costs (US $1,500)
  • In five years, over US $7,500 will be saved by this project

In addition to the concrete savings, the implementation of this project will act as a learning experience for Imagine Scholar students who are interested in renewable energy and engineering. The project will also act help to educate the wider community on environmental issues, clean energy, and solar energy capabilities.

Imagine Scholar’s solar panel project will also help protect the school from energy insecurity due to South Africa’s current energy crisis, as well as improving long term sustainability efforts in our rural community.


Support the Project

Rodger still needs to raise $2,137

Solar Power Project

Rodger has currently raised $725 (25%) of the $2,862 needed to purchase the outstanding materials required for the installation. Please visit his Crowdrise campaign page: Imagine Scholar Solar Power Project for more information on the project, and an itemized quote of the outstanding materials.

Learn More About Rodger

“When I was 5 years old, my father introduced me to a mechanic’s safety suit and taught me how to use his tools, which sparked my interest in engineering.” -Rodger

Rodger is a talented and ambitious youth who has made waves in his local community. Aside from being uniquely charismatic and always keen to crack a joke, Rodger’s accomplishments have spanned from personal to professional in 2016. Rodger was the leading member of Imagine Scholar’s Electric Vehicle team, which built and raced their multi-award winning vehicle to the podium in May (watch “Grade 9 to 12 pupils are designing, racing and building electric cars“). He was one of three students from our program to attend the Yale Young Global Scholars Program in Singapore, and has most recently journeyed from Nkomazi to Armenia to attend the prestigious United World College Dilijan!