Imagine Scholar student, Sanelisiwe

Saneliswe entered Imagine Scholar as a Grade 9 in 2015. Since then she has grasped every opportunity to foster not only her academic skills, but also the personal qualities that she values most of all: kindness, humility, and empathy. Moreover, she has been able to explore her passion for Marine Biology.

Inspired by stories of students attending events abroad as part of their training at Imagine Scholar, Sanelisiwe decided to apply to the Yale Young Global Scholars program. This selective, interdisciplinary program identifies and gathers the next generation of young leaders. Accepted into the program in early 2016, Sanelisiwe found herself on a flight to Beijing, en route for what she describes as the most meaningful experience of her life!

“Imagine Scholar is a  family. It’s a place where I get to be myself, to grow as a better individual and to be supported in the positive things I do.” – Sanelisiwe

The program involved history classes in the morning and skill development workshops in the afternoon. Guest speakers came from all over the world to discuss the history of China. During these sessions, Sanelisiwe became aware of the different ways in which this subject could be taught. This left her with the conviction that the way history was taught in her school had room for improvement. During the skill development workshops, students would get together in small groups to share ideas and practice skills such as interviewing and writing. She also attended seminars on various themes, such as how big companies approach failure.

The highlights of Sanelisiwe’s trip were making friends with high-achieving youths from all over the world, feeding on their passion for learning, and making useful connections for the future. Grateful for this positive opportunity, Sanelisiwe wishes to give back. After her studies, she hopes to start a program in her community where she could help other young students find their paths in life, through their passions.

Authored by: Mélissa Manglou & Zinzi Nsingwane