Rodger accepted to United World College DilijanRodger, class of ’17, is accepted to UWC Dilijan!

Accepted! Rodger is heading to United World College Dilijan in August 2016


Rodger Chinhangue, Imagine Scholar Class of 2017, is one of only eight young students from South Africa to be accepted into United World College Dilijan this year. This highly selective institution offers an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program recognized by the world’s top universities. Rodger’s acceptance into the program comes as no surprise to his mentors and teachers at Imagine Scholar. His charisma, lighthearted sense of humor, and mastery of great first impressions supplement a deep-rooted passion for engineering and adventure.

Growing up, Rodger enjoyed working with his father on repairing cars, electronics, and plumbing. A MacGyver at heart, he learned to work with his hands and found the creativity to restore just about anything. UWC’s campus in Armenia is set in the beautiful Dilijan National Park, providing students with a culturally authentic, yet high-caliber learning facility. The environmentally conscious setting provides the perfect platform for Rodger to explore his interests in technology and nature while he pursues his specialization in engineering.

Redefining the way students learn


UWC Dilijan Library

Learning space at UWC Dilijan

For Rodger, UWC Dilijan is thoughtful continuation of the progressive, student-driven approach he has become accustomed to at Imagine Scholar. In his article, “United World College Dilijan: A Lens Into The Future Of Education” Forbes contributor, Brain Rashid notes that:

“Instead of being tied to one way of teaching a subject matter, the students have a proactive role in teaching each other about other ways to think about the world for a truly dynamic learning environment.”

The day Rodger was notified of his acceptance he was overwhelmed with disbelief and enthusiasm! He remembers exclaiming, “I’m really excited, but where’s Armenia?” The program ensures that students move beyond their comfort zones by placing them at a campus in an unfamiliar region of the world. In Rodger’s case, Eastern Europe came as a surprise, and pulling up a map to search for a country he had never heard of only helped to spark his excitement!

Creating a progressive culture


Hopes of securing a job abroad in his future have motivated Rodger to become an international student and global citizen. Through his experiences at UWC Dilijan, he wants to weave a professional network that will “help others in his community and link people together.”

Rodger at Imagine Scholar

Teamwork and communication skills are highly important in Imagine Scholar’s culture

Rodger’s recent acceptances to the Yale Young Global Scholars program in Singapore and United World College Dilijan have helped him develop the confidence to believe that his most ambitious aspirations can be reached with tenacity and dedication. This can-do attitude has proven to be contagious within Imagine Scholar’s community. He says, “if I can do it, anyone at Imagine Scholar can do it too.” Rodger’s recent successes have prompted many other students to also apply to extraordinary opportunities. Likewise, he has been inspired by students before him.

When asked what encouraged him to apply for the program, he said “I was inspired by other Imagine Scholars.” A select few of our alumni are enrolled in the African Leadership Academy. These impressive acceptances constituted regional firsts in our community!

Paying it forward

Rodger was drawn to UWC’s International Baccalaureate curriculum involving community action and service, as well as the idea of studying abroad, “I look forward to interacting with diverse cultures and sharing learning experiences with students who have a different understanding of the world.”

He strives to be supportive and help others as much as possible, “In the future, my goal is to give back to my community, giving these experiences back to other people. I should pay it forward”, he says. Rodger’s future is undeniably bright, and UWC Dilijan will broaden his horizons in unprecedented ways. Needless to say, the Imagine Scholar family is very proud of him, and we are excited to see how this new chapter in his academic career unfolds!

United World College Dilijan

UWC Dilijan Campus. Source:












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