OUR STORY: Where We Are

In Nkomazi we are expected to make a change tomorrow, but only to find out there is nothing to work with to make the changes. Growing up here is hard if you are a person who does not have your own core principles and undertakes initiatives to improve your own life. People are filled with desire for education but lack resources and are afraid of change.

Joselinah, Class of 2018

We are located in the Nkomazi region of Mpumalanga province, in South Africa’s northeast corner. We are nestled south of the Kruger National Park, north of Swaziland, and west of Mozambique.

During the apartheid era, many families were forcefully relocated to Nkomazi. In the 1980s, thousands of refugees fleeing the Mozambican Civil War moved to the region as well. The effects of these events are still felt and Nkomazi’s difficult socio-ecomonic conditions persist to this day.



Have higher education



  • Speak SiSwati 88.0% 88.0%
  • Black African 97.7% 97.7%
  • Women 52.7% 52.7%
  • Men 47.3% 47.3%