Oshri, winner of the TRACE Music Stars competition in South Africa

Oshri Elmorich is a multi-award winning Israeli / South African singer-songwriter, and the newest member of our Global Ambassador network!

Oshri’s Story

Oshri came from small beginnings, but that hasn’t stopped him from making a name for himself in the international music scene. Much like our Scholars, the rural environment Oshri grew up in did not stifle his industrious spirit!

At age 15, Oshri found fame as a member of a prominent Israeli boy-band. His success continued, and he was able to cement his musical talent with a top 10 finish in Israeli Idol a few years later. However, like many creative professions, things weren’t always easy, and he later found himself in a musical doldrums after his yearly career highlights.

“Not growing up with very much allowed for the viewpoint of seeing “success” on the horizon, being hungry to make light of negatives, be driven, and strive for bigger and better things” -Oshri

Frustrated and needing a change of scenery, Oshri moved to South Africa on a whim and fell in love with the country! Music

Oshri performs

Imagine Scholar Global Ambassador, Oshri, performing

took a back seat to personal exploration, but always stayed in the back of his mind. Unexpectedly, a brochure for the TRACE Music Stars competition caught his attention and he threw himself back into his passion.

At age 25, Oshri had won TRACE Music Stars and was on a plane to New York City to establish his international brand, Oshri Music, under the mentorship of Wyclef Jean. Back in his groove, Oshri played a show in Paris where he got signed to Music Star, Akon’s record label! Now a New York City resident, Oshri works with the biggest names in music and entertainment to share his passion with the world.

But it’s about more than just the music… Oshri has a strong belief in sharing his personal story and helping youths find and foster their passions.

A Passion for Youth Development

As the winner of TRACE Music Stars, Oshri was awarded one very special prize: a trip to Costa Rica to participate in the Global Volunteer Network’s “Be the Change” program (now the IC3 Academy), an immersive workshop for social entrepreneurs.

“I always knew I wanted to give back, but BTC showed me the right way to do it – how to channel my specific set of skills and leverage my personal story.” -Oshri

Oshri in Costa Rica

Oshri attending the “Be The Change” program in Costa Rica

Since “Be the Change”, Oshri has focused his efforts on helping youth from rural environments identify their interests, hone tangible skill sets, and develop strategic plans to reach their goals! He feels akin to young people constricted by the lack of resources that plague rural areas, but also feels strongly that having less can often catalyze drive and inspire action.

Oshri believes that resources and tools are needed to activate, educate, and engage emerging entrepreneurs, and has dedicated himself and his story to give youths hope while encouraging them to strive for personal excellence.

Oshri and Imagine Scholar

Oshri’s commitment to helping youths find purpose resonated with Imagine Scholar from the start. As our new Global Ambassador, Oshri will leverage his international popularity as an artist to help the Scholars reach new heights.

“Perseverance”, he says is the most important thing:

“Follow your spiritual GPS and find innovative ways to turn no’s into yes’s. If you stay true to your beliefs, someone will eventually believe in them too.” -Oshri

With this sentiment, he also reminds the Scholars to be realistic and strategic. He reminds them to approach everything with professionalism and to throw themselves behind their studies. When opportunity strikes, they’ll be ready!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Oshri on our team. To hear his latest music and stay up to date on his latest successes, visit his Facebook page or Follow him on Twitter.

Join Oshri in supporting our mission to provide each of our young leaders with the resources and support they need to become the next generation of ethical politicians, successful business men and women, and creative innovators of South Africa: