Inspired by My Morning Routine, we are showcasing the routines of our extraordinary students. 

Norman’s daily routine:

1) What time do you get up in the morning? Do you use an alarm? Do you hit snooze?

Usually, around 6:30 if I have 7:30 classes or I have an exam, assignment or have to be somewhere. Otherwise, it’ll be around 7:00. Yeah, I set alarm on my phone. Honestly, I hit it more than once most times.

2) What is the first thing you do every day?

Check my phone for messages.

3) Tell us about your morning routine before leaving the house

I wake up, Go for a 20 min jog, have a shower, have breakfast, check school emails and to do’s list and then leave.

4) What time do you leave for school?

15 min before my class, it takes 12 min to walk to campus.

5) What time do you leave school? What happens then?

Varies on what time is my last class. Mostly I leave at 15:00, get to where I stay, take a nap/chill and listen to music/ hang out with friends, go to soccer practice at 17: 30-return at 19:30, Shower, then do next day’s todo’s list, schoolwork afterward.

6) What time do you head to Imagine Scholar? 

Anytime, When I’m home I prefer coming in in the afternoons.

7) While at IS, what takes up most of your time? What are you most focused on?

It depends on what I have to work on. There’s a time when I come in to join class or workshops then there are times when I come into work on personal projects.

8) Where do you go after IS and how do you spend your time?

Again it depends on what I had planned for that day, be it visiting and hanging out with friends, or doing personal stuff.

9) When do you have dinner and spend time with your family or friends?

I don’t have dinner with family, I just eat when I get home. Unless my friend is there with me then we’ll probably have dinner together when we get home (Just anytime after the process of cooking)

10) What time do you go to bed?

If I plan to sleep early it’s usually at 22:00. Otherwise, I sleep anytime when I finish whatever it is that I have to do. There are times when I slept around 3 am or 4 am due to assignments, projects with friends or personal projects.