Yale young global scholars

During the summer of 2017, Imagine Scholar Justice Masinge traveled to Yale University’s main campus in New Haven, Connecticut to participate in the prestigious Yale Young Global Scholars program. This intensive two-week course brings exceptional young leaders from across the globe together to take a deep dive into one of 6 unique concepts.

Justice’s program focused on Sustainable Development & Social Entrepreneurship, examining innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges relating to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Author: Justice Masinge

The Yale Young Global Scholars Program is more than just about the educational lectures, seminars and capstone projects; it is an environment for personal growth through learning from different people from all around the world.

Walking around the Yale campus was like traveling around the world by foot in a few minutes, I would see people from Ghana, The United States of America, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Dubai, Pakistan and many other countries.

I really admire the importance of learning about some else’s life, their cultures, traditions, beliefs and values!

The biggest part of the application process was the essay writing part! I wrote about a thousand drafts before it was ready to submit. The essays had personal questions, so they really helped me to reflect on myself and really question myself: who am I? Where do I come from? And where am I heading!

I still have them in my Google drive so that I can read them whenever I want to for inspiration. I was so excited when I was accepted because Allan, another Imagine Scholar, was also accepted; we applied together and we both got accepted! I had never traveled to the northern part of the world, so I was very eager to meet new people and learn as much as I could from their lives ways of life.

Meeting different people from a lot of countries was incredible. I learned a lot about their cultures and how they are different from what I am used to. I have learned that one of the most important things about traveling is meeting many interesting people and learning from their life stories. I also really loved the Speaker Series, this was a space for any of the students to share cool projects they are working on in their communities!

I was inspired to continue with many community projects as well, because I know that there are other young people across the world who are doing the same too.

The lectures taught me to be open minded but also to be inquisitive and curious. The seminars really challenged my critical thinking skills, and my writing skills got better from the capstone projects. I have become much more empowered to be involved in community projects to help develop my community in any way possible.

I will be interning at Imagine Scholar next year, starting from January to August; I have made big plans for the chess club which I have started at school. I will apply all that I have learned for my chess club; for instance, one of the lectures I attended was on how to give constructive and appreciative feedback to help people improve. I will definitely use this knowledge to help my chess students to improve their chess game.