International Development Intern, Andrew Senese represents Imagine Scholar at the prestigious Friendship Ambassadors Foundation 2018 Winter Youth Assembly held at the iconic United Nations General Assembly hall.

Author: Andrew Senese (2017-2018 International Development Intern)

“When I began my internship with Imagine Scholar, I was beyond excited to help such an amazing organization continue on their pathway to success. However, my relationship with I.S. proved almost immediately to be symbiotic, granting me opportunities like this to continue developing on a personal and professional level. Now, together, Imagine Scholar and I will continue to change the world one day at a time.”

If we’re being honest, I never would’ve imagined myself sitting in a conference room at the UN Headquarters, surrounded by 1,000 of the most inspirational young leaders from across the globe. That is until I found myself in that exact position during the 2018 Winter Youth Assembly.

This 3-day event focused on the themes of innovation and collaboration provided meaningful insight into some of the world’s most pressing issues. What’s more, it equipped attendees with an array of information and resources vital to combating these issues. The workshops, led by members of some of the most reputable organizations in the non-profit field were characterized by interactivity and thought-provoking discussion.

The all-inclusive nature of the assembly was encouraging and fostered generative, empathetic discourse amongst delegates. The facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and open-minded, inviting everyone to speak their minds and share their energy, creativity, and ingenuity. Gathered around the United Nation’s 17 SDG’s and 2030 Agenda, those in attendance were there for one reason – to change the world, and to change it now – and being a part of that gave me an unparalleled feeling of inspirationI feel inspired to better myself, to advocate for a healthier, more sustainable world, and to keep pushing in the direction of change.