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Qhawe uses art to help stop the spread

Friendly reminder to mask up and keep those hands squeaky clean! ?

Credit goes to Qhawe (Grade 10) for putting his art skills to use spreading awareness on how to keep COVID-19 in check.

Scholars in STEM ?

Innocenciah (Grade 11) has been awarded a scholarship with BP Global STEM Academies, an international educational program focusing on STEM and cultural exchange.

She received 1 of 110 scholarships out of over 9000 applicants this year(!) and will be attending virtual programming coupled with an opportunity to study abroad in 2021 in the USA, Egypt, Brazil or India.

Imagine Scholar joins the Humane Education Coalition

We’re proud to announce that we’ve joined as an official partner to the Humane Education Coalition!

Humane education is a comprehensive methodology that equips learners with the tools to think critically and identify creative and impactful solutions to interconnected global challenges.

We join a diverse group of organizations pioneering pro-social learning environments and promoting global sustainability.

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