2016 Overview

2016 impact

2016 has been our best year yet! Read on to learn about our students’ accomplishments and discover the impact our donors have made on our community. Thank you to all who have helped us foster an incredible environment for enthusiastic young leaders in rural South Africa!

Discover Our Impact

Imagine Scholar’s student-driven culture and focus on passion has always led us to do things a little differently. Thanks to an energized student body and a phenomenal family of supporters all around the world, our program reached new heights this year!


We hope that you will join us in 2017 to catalyze our mission to inspire a life-long love of learning.

Student Achievements

Our students have found great success in their personal and academic pursuits this year! Some highlights include:

  • 3 students attended the South African National Junior Chess Championships
  • 5 students attended the Yale Young Global Scholar’s program in Singapore and the United States
  • Our Electric Vehicle team won the Mpumalanga Electric Vehicle competition
  • On average, each student in our program read 20 books this year
  • 100% of all students passed their matric exams

Alumni Achievements

Imagine Scholar alumni continue to excel in their respective endeavors! Here are some of their impressive achievements:

  • 100% university pass rate
  • 65% of all graduates are on a full university scholarship
  • 90% of all graduates are currently enrolled in post-secondary academic programs
  • 100% of graduates remain in close contact with Imagine Scholar
  • 100% of graduates have committed to financially supporting a student in our program in the future

Our alumni are currently pursuing exciting educational opportunities in Cuba, Mauritius, Armenia, and South Africa!

  • Mandisa is studying at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Jabulani is studying at the African Leadership University in Mauritius
  • Rodger is studying at the United World College Dilijan in Armenia
  • Victoria is completing her medical degree in Havana, Cuba

Community Action Projects

Our students are at the helm of community development. This year, they designed and implemented numerous community action projects:

  • Reading Room

    In order to improve child literacy rates and foster a love of reading, the Scholars meet with local primary school students every week to read and act out stories!
  • Trash pick-up

    The Scholars ran 2 trash pick-ups in our community this year!
  • Recycling projects

    Chawe encouraged other students to collect recyclable material, which he then “upcycled” into artistic sculptures! Andile also spent time with primary school students to turn discarded materials into art.
  • Hospital volunteering

    Many of our students volunteered at the local Tonga Hospital this year. Queen, a Graduate Facilitator, dedicated her one day off a week to do so.
  • Big Buddy Days

    This year, our students ran 9 Big Buddy Days to inspire younger students in our community to love learning!
  • Chess classes & tournaments

    Imagine Scholar’s Chess Team launched weekly chess classes for youths in our community, along with tournaments where they could test their skills!
  • Gardening project

    NomT (Grade 12) raised funds in our community to plant an organic garden at a local home for the elderly.
  • Grade 8 programs

    The Scholars ran 3 programs to help over 100 Grade 8 students build personal and professional skills.
  • Sewing project

    Our Fashion Club has started sewing and selling their own creations, as well as training members of our community to sew!
  • Computer Science Workshop

    Simphiwe, an Imagine Scholar graduate, ran a multi-part computer science workshop in his community over his university holiday.
  • Youth resource website

    Phila (grade 9) and Zinhle (Grade 10) created a website for local youths to highlight extraordinary opportunities and competitions available to them. The site also provides knowledge about internet cafes, libraries, bursaries and how to apply to university.
  • Volunteering at an orphanage

    Over the holiday, 8 Scholars dedicated their time to volunteering at a local orphanage to mentor the youths and help the staff cook, clean, and maintain the building!

    Nomcebo sewing

“Imagine Scholar gave me the confidence to do something different. After they helped me identify my passion, I was able to envision how I could change my community, even though no one had started a sewing training project before.” – Nomcebo (Class of 2019)


Oshri Joins our Network of Global Ambassadors


Oshri, winner of the TRACE Music Stars competition in South Africa

Oshri Elmorich is a multi-award winning Israeli / South African singer-songwriter, and the newest member of our Global Ambassador network!

Oshri’s Story

Oshri came from small beginnings, but that hasn’t stopped him from making a name for himself in the international music scene. Much like our Scholars, the rural environment Oshri grew up in did not stifle his industrious spirit!

At age 15, Oshri found fame as a member of a prominent Israeli boy-band. His success continued, and he was able to cement his musical talent with a top 10 finish in Israeli Idol a few years later. However, like many creative professions, things weren’t always easy, and he later found himself in a musical doldrums after his yearly career highlights.

“Not growing up with very much allowed for the viewpoint of seeing “success” on the horizon, being hungry to make light of negatives, be driven, and strive for bigger and better things” -Oshri

Frustrated and needing a change of scenery, Oshri moved to South Africa on a whim and fell in love with the country! Music

Oshri performs

Imagine Scholar Global Ambassador, Oshri, performing

took a back seat to personal exploration, but always stayed in the back of his mind. Unexpectedly, a brochure for the TRACE Music Stars competition caught his attention and he threw himself back into his passion.

At age 25, Oshri had won TRACE Music Stars and was on a plane to New York City to establish his international brand, Oshri Music, under the mentorship of Wyclef Jean. Back in his groove, Oshri played a show in Paris where he got signed to Music Star, Akon’s record label! Now a New York City resident, Oshri works with the biggest names in music and entertainment to share his passion with the world.

But it’s about more than just the music… Oshri has a strong belief in sharing his personal story and helping youths find and foster their passions.

A Passion for Youth Development

As the winner of TRACE Music Stars, Oshri was awarded one very special prize: a trip to Costa Rica to participate in the Global Volunteer Network’s “Be the Change” program (now the IC3 Academy), an immersive workshop for social entrepreneurs.

“I always knew I wanted to give back, but BTC showed me the right way to do it – how to channel my specific set of skills and leverage my personal story.” -Oshri

Oshri in Costa Rica

Oshri attending the “Be The Change” program in Costa Rica

Since “Be the Change”, Oshri has focused his efforts on helping youth from rural environments identify their interests, hone tangible skill sets, and develop strategic plans to reach their goals! He feels akin to young people constricted by the lack of resources that plague rural areas, but also feels strongly that having less can often catalyze drive and inspire action.

Oshri believes that resources and tools are needed to activate, educate, and engage emerging entrepreneurs, and has dedicated himself and his story to give youths hope while encouraging them to strive for personal excellence.

Oshri and Imagine Scholar

Oshri’s commitment to helping youths find purpose resonated with Imagine Scholar from the start. As our new Global Ambassador, Oshri will leverage his international popularity as an artist to help the Scholars reach new heights.

“Perseverance”, he says is the most important thing:

“Follow your spiritual GPS and find innovative ways to turn no’s into yes’s. If you stay true to your beliefs, someone will eventually believe in them too.” -Oshri

With this sentiment, he also reminds the Scholars to be realistic and strategic. He reminds them to approach everything with professionalism and to throw themselves behind their studies. When opportunity strikes, they’ll be ready!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Oshri on our team. To hear his latest music and stay up to date on his latest successes, visit his Facebook page or Follow him on Twitter.

Join Oshri in supporting our mission to provide each of our young leaders with the resources and support they need to become the next generation of ethical politicians, successful business men and women, and creative innovators of South Africa:



Alucia Finishes Top of her Class in Tourism

Top tourism Award

Alucia and her mother accept the award for Top Tourism Student

Imagine Scholar alumni, Alucia Masilela, finished top of her class at Tshwane University of Technology! Alucia will graduate in 2017 with a degree in Tourism Management. International Development intern, Nikki, sat down with Alucia to see how Imagine Scholar contributed to her success in university. 

Q: How did Imagine Scholar influence you? Do you think your time at the program center influenced your path of study?

Honestly at first I had no desires of pursuing a career in tourism but the moment I started doing it, I felt the love for it and discovered where my passion lay.

Imagine Scholar shaped my preferences in such a way that I was able to think for myself. I was able to decide what I want to do and stick with it. My parents were opposed to the idea of me studying Tourism Management. It was a hard battle to fight, but I was able to convince my parents through my grades that I want to stick to tourism.

Imagine Scholar never judged me or tried to make me choose a different program, they were always there for me.

Q:  How do you feel Imagine Scholar impacted you most?

The honest thing is that Imagine Scholar made me who I am today. Corey, my best friend, believed in me and always made sure that I knew that. It is because I am a part of Imagine Scholar, and that Imagine scholar is a part of me that my life has taken this path. When I was going through personal problems, Imagine Scholar did not step back but was more than willing to help. I can now face any challenge without thinking of giving up because it’s “too much.” Now I can make informed decisions on my own, I believe I can do anything because of the positivity that I got from Imagine Scholar.

Q: How do you think the program has developed since your first year there?

The program has developed a great deal since my first year. I wish I could have studied more like the students who are currently doing their four years!

When I look back during my first year, it was hard to see which direction the program was headed in. However, as the years have gone of, the program has really decided on a specific path. It has developed in every aspect possible. Huge progress is being made with tangible proof: students are getting scholarships, going to study overseas, and participating in international academies, programs, and competitions!

Q: What about the future—Do you plan to use your studies to give back to Imagine Scholar one day?

I want to be a part of Imagine Scholar for as long as I live. I want to come back and be fully involved. I want to be a part of giving someone the same opportunities that Imagine Scholar gave to me.

I would love to come back to Imagine Scholar and share the opportunities tourism has to offer with the young leaders there. Traveling has become very popular recently, which has created many new careers in tourism!

Q: What advice can you offer the current young leaders of Imagine Scholar?

Behave! Behaving might seem like a simply thing, but it really opens a lot of opportunities for you. When you are well behaved, you pay attention to detail and you don’t lose focus. Behaving well allows you to decide what is most important and what will work best for you. There are so many things that stand in our way as young leaders and so many bad influences. But if you behave, you can counter that.

Imagine Scholar’s strength arises from the personal ownership our youth take in the program. With the help of social investors, we are able to provide quality education and experiential learning opportunities to influential young leaders like Alucia. We would like to invite you to become a part of our growing family by sponsoring a student today:

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Samkelisiwe Attends Yale Young Global Scholars USA

SamK at YYGS

Imagine Scholar, Samkelisiwe, attends the Yale Young Global Scholars program in the USA

My name is Samkelisiwe Chissano. I am 17 years old and I am currently in grade 11. Last month, I got the opportunity to attend the Yale program which was in New Haven, USA at the Yale university through Imagine Scholar.

Yale Young Global Scholars


Yale Young Global Scholars is a two-week long summer program which began on the 8th to the 21st of July. The main idea is to bring together youths from all over the world to inspire and motivate them in the world of science.

The program sparks a light in every young person who attends so that by the time they leave, they have an idea of how to change the world and make it into a better place for us all.

Getting Connected


The Yale program is a great opportunity to get connected to people. Meeting with different people helped me gain perspective on what the rest of the world is like, and to acquire new knowledge. My experience at YYGS has taught me how important it is for us to stay updated with world news and always know what is happening around us.

I have learned a great deal of other things, but most importantly is that even after all that I have seen and learned about the medical field, I still want to be a pediatrician more than anything. I am really grateful to have gotten an experience that has exposed me to so much of the outside world.

Considering an International Education


Scholars studying

Imagine Scholars work hard to keep international university options open

Attending the Yale Young Global Scholars program has also led me to consider applying to Yale University, and other international universities in the future.

Knowing what is expected of me in order to get into Yale has been helpful since I have always wanted to study abroad, but did not really know much about the universities that are available.

Paying it Forward


I will be able to use that knowledge I acquired at YYGS to help others who want to apply to the program. Not only that, but I will also let them know what is needed if a student wants to actually study at Yale.

This opportunity has not only helped me, but has helped open doors to other Imagine Scholar students who want to apply, including peers who did not believe that rural kids like us could do great things.

All they need to do is look at what I have managed to achieve and know that if I can do it, then so can they.

Imagine Scholar is fostering the next generation of ethical and empowered South African leaders. Your contribution is vital to helping us achieve this mission! Support a young leader like Samkelisiwe today:

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Thenjiwe Visits the US (Part 2)


Thenjiwe in Orgeon, US

Student alumni will take over Imagine Scholar’s managerial positions by 2020. Mandisa and Thenjiwe, two alumni, recently gained valuable hands-on leadership experience by visiting the US to gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of running an international nonprofit organization. Below, Thenjiwe writes about her experience at the end of her trip.


Well folks as I had promised; an update on my adventurous exploration of the United States, specifically Camp Caldera:

I want to start by saying thank you to Imagine Scholar and Caldera for the wonderful opportunity to learn, grow and pass on all the great knowledge I got from this trip. I have figured that Camp Caldera is like Imagine Scholar in a way; you can never really explain the positive vibes and energy in the atmosphere there enough for anyone who has never been to understand or relate. One just has to be there in order to understand the greatness of these two environments.

Thenji at Caldera

Thenjiwe at Camp Caldera

Working as an advocate at Caldera was a challenge I would love to go through again. All of the youths were divided into groups and my group was comprised of 10 amazing young women. Every night we had teepee time where just my girls and I would meet and talk about anything. This was a way for us to get to know each other personally and professionally. We became one happy group and for the rest of camp no matter how long and hard a day was, we looked forward to teepee time. We looked forward to all the funny, sad, crazy, informative stories we shared together. Writing about it now makes me realize how we had actually built our own little camp and had become a family within the Caldera community.

Being an advocate challenged my creativity and mental strength. We worked with youth from different parts of Oregon who had different life experiences and unique stories to tell. Somehow all that difference had to be put to one same community. As an advocate I had to think outside the box in coming up with creative ideas to break the ice in my teepee group and make sure we kept a respectful space. I loved it!

“Working at Camp Caldera helped me grow in so many ways and I love that now I look back at all those leadership challenges and smile at how I overcame them” –Thenjiwe

hiking in OR

Thenjiwe and Mandisa hike in Oregon

I would not have done it without the help of the other advocates and my supervisors, though. Caldera will shock you with the great sense of community and family that they have built with the youth there, but nothing beats the friendliness of the staff. My goodness they are so nice! They were all so very supportive and it’s nothing I have ever experienced before, at least not as far as outside Imagine Scholar. I am really grateful for that.

The sad part was going home after having made so many friends and connected with so many young man and women from halfway across the world. I will never forget the life I shared with that community. I like how they also encourage me to come back home to my Imagine Scholar students who need me. I love how they were interested in and respected Imagine Scholar. Camp Caldera was Awesome!

Oh and by the way my teepee group name was Team Awesome! Yes, with an exclamation mark at the end! I love my group and hope to see everyone again!

Thank you Imagine Scholar and Caldera!! You are truly awesome!

Read Part 1 of Thenjiwe’s experience in the US

By sponsoring a Scholar, or making a donation to Imagine Scholar you can support young leaders in endeavors like this! We look forward to welcoming you to our family.



Teepee’s at Camp Caldera

Meet our new Ambassador, Liv Austen

Liv Austen

We are excited to welcome musician and actress, Liv Austen, as our new Ambassador!

Imagine scholar is thrilled to announce a new partnership with UK-based singer, songwriter, and actress, Liv Austen.

Meet Liv Austen

Music came to Liv at a young age, but quickly grew into a fully-fledged career after she gained recognition for her melodic, story-centric songs in London’s music scene. What started as playing small venues turned into launching her first two EP’s, “Workin’ Man’s Dream” and “Who I am Today”, and entertaining audiences throughout the UK’s festival scene!

“Thanks to my parents, music was always present. In our home, in our car, at every event, big or small. My goal is to be a part of somebody else’s everyday life now.”

Presently, Liv Austen is working on a variety of exciting projects as an artist. In addition to working on her newest album, she also writes for other artists while balancing her secondary career as an actress!

Connecting the dots

Artistic expression

The Scholars try their hand at leather work!

From poetry to dress making, and leatherwork to turning plastic bottles into sculptures, we believe in the intrinsic power of the arts! As an organization we couldn’t be more thrilled to find an artist whose passion for creativity is as energized as ours!

“Art helps us explore the parts of us that make us interesting as humans. It explores our insecurities and our triumphant moments and they make life worth living, in my opinion! Humans have been craving telling and hearing stories from the dawn of time. I believe learning how to express yourself through arts will teach you more about yourself than possibly any other discipline you are taught.”

Academic excellence is at the core of our program, however, we see artistic self-expression as an equally vital aspect to the development of young leaders. With the help of individuals like Liv, we will be able to reach new audiences who also believe in our multi-faceted mission.

Working together

“What makes me the most excited about Imagine Scholar is the attention to the individual. It is something I find incredibly important in order to move society forward, to encourage young people to follow their passions and maybe more importantly than anything; encourage them to identify their passion.”

Liv Austen on stage

Liv Austen on stage in London

Our congruent beliefs about celebrating individuality and embracing passion has led Imagine Scholar and Liv Austen to embark on a new journey, together! We couldn’t be happier to welcome Liv to the Imagine Scholar family as our newest Ambassador!

As an Imagine Scholar Ambassador, Liv will act as a mouthpiece for our organization by sharing our story with her audiences and at her live shows. She will also act as a mentor to students in our program.

A brief note from Liv

My favourite saying is “go where you’re celebrated – not where you’re tolerated”. We all deserve to be encouraged to pursue our passions and to develop our skills and our confidence – and Imagine Scholar does exactly that, they celebrate the individual and encourage them to keep going where they are celebrated. I am very eager to support an organisation that works for one of my core beliefs!

If you are a fan of Liv Austen, or share our purpose of igniting creative expression for youths who lack access to artistic resources, please support our initiative by making a donation, or investing in a Scholar:


Stay tuned

To keep up to date on the latest news regarding our partnership, follow Liv Austen and Imagine Scholar on Twitter!

You can also hear Liv’s latest tunes, and check out her upcoming show schedule by checking out her website and YouTube channel.