“Imagine Scholar seeks to build an ethos among our small community of students. Among these values we promote is that of ‘developing the courage to do the right thing’. In light of recent events surrounding police brutality against black people, the imperative of fostering courage has been brought to our attention yet again.

As an organization, Imagine Scholar has designed a particular approach to bringing difficult topics and subjects into the limelight of our curriculum and culture. Routinely, in response to issues around the world, our students engage in what we have come to call Courageous Conversations.

With the need ever so present to speak to young black youth about the insidious reality of racial injustice, Imagine Scholar held a weeklong online forum about systemic injustice. After consolidating thoughts from an array of sources, Scholars had a chance to learn and unlearn many things about racism, slavery, red-lining, and most importantly activism. After our discussions, it was readily apparent that there still remains an unmet call for action and students want to answer it. Here is what you can expect to see from Imagine Scholar in the near future:

  • Poetry, stories, and other creative artwork shared on our social media pages that address issues of inequity and injustice
  • Our clubs engaging in activism, for example, the doctors club exploring the injustices of our healthcare system
  • Camps and workshops in our community that help society celebrate black identity and build empowering mindsets
  • The development of accessible safety procedures that enable local people to report and resolve abuses of power

Although we feel and understand that these steps and ideas alone will not be enough in achieving equality and world peace, we are proud of the steps being made and welcome anyone curious to join and enhance the initiatives mentioned above.”

– Thenjiwe Ndimande, Imagine Scholar alumna & acting Associate Director