What is Imagine Scholar?

Imagine Scholar is one of the most robust and innovative youth development initiatives on the African continent. We are reinventing rural education and revitalizing a community through the empowerment of young leaders.


We were born in minds of youth who wanted to be different. The limitations of our environment don’t constrain our vision – they inspire our entrepreneurial spirit.


We are empowered by critical thinking skills to take active roles in our communities and gain the confidence to tackle personal challenges.


We are here because we want to be. We know forging a new future requires sacrifice and grit – we challenge each other to go above and beyond.


We tap into and retain local talent. We are building a community network to encourage and financially support those that will come after us.

Support A Leader

Choose from a variety of sponsorship levels that best fits your ability and desire to give – including $25, $50, $100, and up.

At Imagine Scholar we are becoming young leaders and activists who care about our community and the larger world.  We empower ourselves to take action and become change makers. Imagine Scholars want to move society forward. We define success not through ourselves, but by how we positively affect others.

Samkelisiwe, Class of 2017