What is Imagine Scholar?

Imagine Scholar is founded on the belief that there are extraordinary youth in every pocket of the world. Our mission is to equip these young leaders with the integrity, skills, and mindsets necessary to shape a world they can be proud of. 


Every success is built on the shoulders of past Scholars and each student plays an active role in co-creating the culture of intellectual safety and shared success. Grounded in engagement and support, empathy, and kindness, each student recognizes the importance of community and collective action.


Each Imagine Scholar has the opportunity to explore new and diverse avenues of their curiosity until they find what makes them come alive. This sense of passion and autonomy becomes a driving force, cultivating critical thinkers that pose thoughtful questions and are propelled by a deep love for learning.


The world of work is changing. Our alternative curriculum blends cognition and competency by stretching each student to broaden and deepen their intellectual tool kit. Scholars grapple with mental bias, meta-learning, mindfulness and self-awareness, design thinking, communication, leadership, and more.


Instead of teaching memorization and conformity, our curriculum inspires action and encourages failure as a part of a dynamic 21st Century learning process.


South Africa needs a new generation of empathic and well-rounded leaders. Scholars develop the confidence to think critically and to stand up for what is right.


Imagine Scholar is under constant evolution. We recognize that our program reaches its highest potential when it is molded by the community it serves.


We tap into and retain local talent. We are building a community network to encourage and financially support those that will come after us.

Support A Leader

Choose from a variety of sponsorship levels that best fits your ability and desire to give – including $25, $50, $100, and up.

At Imagine Scholar we are becoming young leaders and activists who care about our community and the larger world.  We empower ourselves to take action and become change makers. Imagine Scholars want to move society forward. We define success not through ourselves, but by how we positively affect others.

Samkelisiwe, Class of 2017